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Ajay Mathur – Come See Conquer

Ajay Mathur – Come See Conquer 

Americanaartists often offer listeners something that is very genuine and can be awe-inspiring. Swiss singer/songwriter, Ajay Mathur, has the style, insurmountable talent and zest for life that makes his second solo 4-song EP release, Come See Conquer, a pleasure to listen to. The title track, “Come See Conquer” has a fun mix of reggae-rockabilly that is quite ideal, especially now that the summer weather is here to hopefully stay. It’s an uplifting song that makes you just want to dance and throw all your cares away. Next up, “Temporary” is a blues-inspired song with true conviction about our often flawed views of women, and how our perceptions must change, as the lyrics states, “she’s for hire, but not for sale.” Slowing down the pace, “All For You” is a loving ballad that highlights Ajay’s tranquil and even a little romantic side, but stays strong with his powerful vocals and impeccable guitar playing. Lastly, “Flying To The Moon,” ends this incredible EP on a real high note with harmonizing melodies, memorable lyrics, and that glorious country twang that we’ve all fallen in love with, mixed with some lighter rock and pop. After listening to Come, See, Conquer, it is very clear that Ajay’s talents are far beyond what anyone could have imagined, and, simply put, this guy is a pure genius of his musical craft. 

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