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Bravery and the Bell releasing March 24th

Bravery and the Bell releasing March 24th

Hey, Bradford Loomis here. Recently, I found out my father has Early Onset Alzheimers disease. As the shock and devastation wore off, the need to be doing something set in. That prompted some serious reflection about lineage and what it means to confront our fears and our failures.

Bravery and the Bell, my new album set to release March 24th, is about legacy, both the lineage we are born into and that which we pass on. Whether burdened or buoyed by our generational inheritance, this album confronts the drudgery of simply surviving and sounds a call to stand up to the things that stand in the way of us truly passionately pursuing that which we were made to be.

I’d love the opportunity to chat about this new album and what we are doing to help raise awareness and resources to help combat this terrible malady.

Here is a link to my press kit where you can stream the new album and download the One Sheet. Thank you!

Bravery and the Bell –



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