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Reise to Release Full-Length Debut Lake (deluxe)

Reise to Release Full-Length Debut Lake (deluxe)


Reise to Release Full-Length Debut Lake (deluxe)

West Haven, CT ─ IVth World Records recording artist Reise (pronounced rī-sə) has announced the release of their debut album. Lake (deluxe) arrives on Friday, October 21, 2016 for digital download and streaming via all participating digital retailers. The release includes previous singles “Cannot Say”, “August Moon”, and “Shoreline”, all of which are being re-released to support the album, and, have also been remixed and remastered.

Lake (deluxe) explores the human condition and ventures through the emotional forest that every person has to navigate throughout one’s life.

Although the drums and bass play a big role in the groove, they are not completely relied upon. The rhythm guitar doesn’t just supply a rhythm, but a grooving rhythm, at times, highlighting wandering notes and strum fills. The lead guitar shows modern rock attributes merging with Pop sensibilities and hooks. The keyboards have stepped away from the synth sounds that have helped cement the New Wave genre, and have adapted string sounds and arrangements that help accent and embellish the moods within the songs, allowing them to rise to new heights that traditional sounds would not allow. The vocals fit the music just right and envelope the emotion of the music to get the lyrics across with ease.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of the early 80s Second British Invasion, Reise manages to create a fantastic updated experience, making this New Wave Revival act’s release a very contemporary and exciting one.

Lake (deluxe) track listing:
1. Lake
2. Cannot Say
3. She Don’t Know
4. August Moon
5. Stitch
6. Myth
7. Bind
8. So Hard to See You
9. Shoreline
10. Cannot Say (single version)
11. August Moon (radio edit)
12. Cannot Say (ICON71 Down in the Basement Version)


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