Indie Artists Alliance is on the move.

I founded Indie Artists alliance in 2005.

The intention was to have a place that would be a resource center and knowledge bank for independent musicians with the purpose of being the ‘go-to place helping independent musicians with the music side of the music business.

We have decided that effective January 1, this site will be the face of a non-profit business, Independent Music, and Arts, Incorporated.

We will be canceling all recurring paid subscriptions and will be converting those memberships to free memberships. We will also reinstate everyone who canceled.

Yes..we will have expenses and yes, we would like people to join, but now membership is optional, pay whatever you want, membership plan.

One of the benefits of moving to a non-profit is having a bigger team of people as part of the website and business and to find sponsors.

It is a little early to share what 2018 holds but we guarantee that it’ll be one hell of a ride.